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#166 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Mar 31, 2007

March 31, 2007
rjenkins39: nukky
rjenkins39: Can you help me fast
nukleocide: maybe
rjenkins39: well u see
rjenkins39: On April 19, 2006
rjenkins39: one of my paypal accounts got locked
rjenkins39: they said 180 days I can request a check
rjenkins39: when can I request my check
nukleocide: october 12th ish
rjenkins39: 2007?
nukleocide: 2006
nukleocide: 180 days is a little les than 6 months
rjenkins39: its been 180 days?
nukleocide: it's been about 350 days
rjenkins39: oh damn
nukleocide: 365 days in a year, 180 * 2 = 360
nukleocide: so it's half a year
rjenkins39: Im getting that check right now ;)
nukleocide: but more important than you getting a check is that you don't know 180 days is about 6 months
rjenkins39: dont care
rjenkins39: I didnt feel
rjenkins39: like doing mathhhhh
nukleocide: wow
nukleocide: but who needs intelligence when you've got money, right?
rjenkins39: correct
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#162 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Mar 26, 2007

tmeash: computer arch. looks complicated as all hell
tmeash: the math book has m&m's on the front so I figure it can't be all that bad
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#158 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Mar 22, 2007

tmeash: ok
tmeash: so this is dumb
tmeash: n/m
tmeash: I think I just answered my question by thinking about what I wanted to ask you
nukleocide: that happens a lot
nukleocide: glad I got my A+ certification
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#157 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Mar 22, 2007

rjenkins39: he cant even sepll
nukleocide: ironic?
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#153 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Mar 21, 2007

tmeash: I think I want to study anthropology
nukleocide: the study of ants?
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#149 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Mar 20, 2007

rjenkins39: <? $txt= "wow"; echo $txt; ?>
rjenkins39: z0mg
rjenkins39: I just coded that
nukleocide: wow
rjenkins39: It is right. Im learning PHP
nukleocide: aww, so cute
rjenkins39: yes
rjenkins39: I am reading
rjenkins39: PHP for dummies
nukleocide: nice
rjenkins39: <a href="http://images.amazon.com/images/P/0764541668.01._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-dp-500-arrow,TopRight,45,-64_AA240_SH20_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg">http://images.amazon.com/images/P/0764541668.01. _BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-dp-500-arrow,TopRight, 45,-64_AA240_SH20_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg</a>
rjenkins39: that
nukleocide: I'm reading "advanced object and class structure" and "Efficient database architecture"
nukleocide: for dummies
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#148 [Text] by =tmeash
Added on Mar 20, 2007

[17:28] tmeash: I need a job
[17:29] tmeash: want to pay me $10/hr?
[17:29] tmeash: for doing anything other than javascript? haha XD
[17:29] tmeash: I got one thing to work, though
[17:29] tmeash: it made a little chart of ascii code shit
[17:31] tmeash: I think I'm going to swear off relationships again for awhile
[17:31] tmeash: I hadn't dated anyone for about 9 months when I met Alex in person
[17:31] tmeash: that worked out pretty well
[17:31] tmeash: I'm going to wait for Mr. Perfect to sweep me off my feet, hah
[17:31] tmeash: a guy with no hangups
[17:31] nukleocide: no, lol, cool, coolish, interesting, wow, sure, aww, that never happens
[17:32] nukleocide: in that order
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#147 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Mar 20, 2007

nukleocide: is that a bad thing?
tmeash: no it's not a bad thing
nukleocide: w00t
tmeash: what is a bad thing
tmeash: is that Alex is a fucking pussy
tmeash: and can't even tell me that he doesn't want me to come out there
nukleocide: ^_^;
tmeash: NOW he decides to tell me that he thought it was a bad idea
nukleocide: <_<
tmeash: the fucking day he was supposed to leave
nukleocide: >_>
tmeash: I hate men
nukleocide: -_-
tmeash: fuck them all
tmeash: bunch of assholes
tmeash: *feminist rant*
nukleocide: x_x
tmeash: that's right
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#141 [Text] by ~noodle
Added on Mar 14, 2007

Uh N00DLe: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/worldnews.html?in_article_id=442015&in_page_id=1811 ew.
Seven11Slurpes: lmao
Uh N00DLe: haha
Uh N00DLe: ugly whore
Seven11Slurpes: She made my penis back up it's balls and leave.
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#132 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Mar 11, 2007

rjenkins39: How are you
nukleocide: sick and pissed because homework sucks ass
rjenkins39: Dont DO IT
rjenkins39: I got 19 zerozzzz
rjenkins39: and I got a 67
rjenkins39: HEHEHhaHA
nukleocide: wow
rjenkins39: but that dont mean anything
rjenkins39: I just change the 67 to a 80
rjenkins39: on my report card
rjenkins39: ehehehahh
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#129 [Text] by =tmeash
Added on Mar 09, 2007

tmeash: <a href="http://www.obsceneart.net/quotes/128">http://www.obsceneart.net/quotes/128</a>
Ander: I am never opening a link from you again :(
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#128 [Text] by =tmeash
Added on Mar 09, 2007

Ander: someone changed their ring tone
Ander: here at work
Ander: to a fuckin goat
tmeash: hehe
tmeash: uhh
Ander: and it's going off
Ander: bleating
tmeash: send them this:
tmeash: <a href="http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&ct=res&cd=3&url=http%3A%2F%2Fgoatse.cz%2F&ei=CnPxRcSZApmepAKOp9y9Cg&usg=__YxKX2jG0oMctXW34iqj2kAWpTDk=&sig2=kQ9GS5L7rscpL6aLXckSDA">http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&ct=res&cd=3&url=http%3A%2F%2Fgoatse.cz%2F&ei=CnPxRcSZApmepAKOp9y9Cg&usg=__YxKX2jG0oMctXW34iqj2kAWpTDk=&sig2=kQ9GS5L7rscpL6aLXckSDA</a>
Ander: Terra
Ander: wtf
Ander: omg
Ander: :(
Ander: I fuckin opened that.
Ander: here at work.
tmeash: hahaha
tmeash: pwned, nukka!
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#124 [Text] by ~Synergy
Added on Mar 08, 2007

Stfu already god2
Omg yours such a pussy.
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#123 [Text] by Anonymous
Added on Mar 08, 2007

you sweat thong
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#119 [Text] by =tmeash
Added on Mar 07, 2007

tmeash: so i have to take this "time inventory" test for this retarded online success orientation class
tmeash: this is what i put for my activities in hours per week:
tmeash: watching tv: 10
tmeash: parties: 0
tmeash: bars: 0
tmeash: games: 5
tmeash: leisure reading: 7
tmeash: email/searching the web: 21
tmeash: sports: 0
tmeash: visits with friends and family: 1
tmeash: shopping: 0
tmeash: family responsibilites: 0
nukleocide: masturbation: 13
tmeash: sadly, i had to lie about the "searching the web" category to keep from looking like a complete nerd :(
nukleocide: I'm glad to see you didnt' lie about the masturbation time
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#118 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Mar 07, 2007

nukleocide: there was just a shooting at the high school a quarter mile from me
tmeash: eep
nukleocide: you know what that means?
nukleocide: I might not have to go to work
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#117 [Text] by =tmeash
Added on Mar 06, 2007

tmeash: eventually we'll screen them like bash
tmeash: and let in all the quotes that contain the words: masturbation, sex, anal, oral, porn, linux, obscene art, OA
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#116 [Text] by =tmeash
Added on Mar 06, 2007

nukleocide: and now I'm planning on being the captain of my own pirate ship
tmeash: sweet
tmeash: can i be your first mate?
tmeash: that sounded kind of wrong...
tmeash: seeing as you're a virgin and all
nukleocide: wow
nukleocide: you can schwab my deck
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#108 [Text] by ~ThisBeAustin
Added on Mar 05, 2007

ThisBeAustin: hey
lPwnedguinl: ?
ThisBeAustin: i think penguins > jesus
ThisBeAustin: you?
lPwnedguinl:  nah
ThisBeAustin: LIES
lPwnedguinl:  can i slap u?
ThisBeAustin: yes please
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#106 [Text] by Anonymous
Added on Mar 05, 2007

ThisBeAustin: FLOOR ES
ThisBeAustin: :-)
Sammmymantha: KIME!
Sammmymantha: ahah
ThisBeAustin: Thats right
ThisBeAustin: Fairy Princess Kimmie
Sammmymantha: the hell
Sammmymantha: ahah
ThisBeAustin: Im being serious
ThisBeAustin: Im in a tutu right now flying in my fairy wings
Sammmymantha: woah
ThisBeAustin: ._. i hope you know im kidding
Sammmymantha: u said u were being serious
Sammmymantha: ahah
ThisBeAustin: ._.
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