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#254 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Sep 06, 2007

nukleocide: god made adam and eve not adam and steve
girlypropaganda: terrrrrrrible
nukleocide: I'm full of em
girlypropaganda: i bet you are. you do love church
nukleocide: they stopped having a wednesday service
nukleocide: I'm now in the market for a new church
girlypropaganda: oh no! 
girlypropaganda: gotta go three times a week at least
nukleocide: I go on wednesday so that I can be hungover on sunday
nukleocide: there goes your "tom's a good christian" theory
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#249 [Text] by ~PolishPride
Added on Aug 09, 2007

XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:39:51 PM): andy grum???
WoodPusherPL (11:39:58 PM): nope never herd of him
WoodPusherPL (11:40:03 PM): where does he liv
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:40:10 PM): o ok uhm idk
WoodPusherPL (11:40:18 PM): state?
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:41:25 PM): illinois
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:41:30 PM): were u live??
WoodPusherPL (11:41:30 PM): oh damn thats why
WoodPusherPL (11:41:35 PM): im from alaska
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:41:39 PM): y??
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:41:42 PM): yea rite
WoodPusherPL (11:41:45 PM): not kidding
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:41:52 PM): uhm sure ok
WoodPusherPL (11:42:01 PM): Silver Bay Alaska
WoodPusherPL (11:42:17 PM): anywho how the hell did you get my SN
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:42:38 PM): lol idk how but ur on mi buddy list
WoodPusherPL (11:42:43 PM): O_o
WoodPusherPL (11:42:53 PM): on what
WoodPusherPL (11:42:59 PM): aim?
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:43:01 PM): mi buddy list
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:43:09 PM): idk how u got there either
WoodPusherPL (11:43:25 PM): hnmm never herd of you or you andy grum friend
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:43:38 PM): anyway
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:43:56 PM): r u a guy or a gurl??
WoodPusherPL (11:44:05 PM): .... im a guy
WoodPusherPL (11:44:08 PM): my name is chris
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:44:15 PM): ok thats wut i thought
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:44:20 PM): how old r u??
WoodPusherPL (11:44:22 PM): 18
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:44:28 PM): o ok
WoodPusherPL (11:45:08 PM): and you are how old?
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:45:13 PM): 15
WoodPusherPL (11:45:15 PM): ...
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:45:21 PM): wut??
WoodPusherPL (11:45:19 PM): cool
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:45:25 PM): yea i guess
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:45:26 PM): lol
WoodPusherPL (11:45:45 PM): well ima go seal hunting now
WoodPusherPL (11:45:52 PM): sooo bye bye
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:45:57 PM): wth???
WoodPusherPL (11:46:11 PM): you know where you kill seals
WoodPusherPL (11:46:14 PM): seal hunting
WoodPusherPL (11:46:17 PM): its a sport here
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:46:35 PM): ur sick
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:46:37 PM): lol
WoodPusherPL (11:46:35 PM): ...
WoodPusherPL (11:46:48 PM): im on a team i need to make money somehow
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:47:09 PM): i hope a fricking polar bear eats ur ass!!!!
WoodPusherPL (11:47:13 PM): I HAVE NO ASS
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:47:25 PM): uhm alritey
WoodPusherPL (11:47:27 PM): IT WAS EATEN BY YOUR MOM
WoodPusherPL (11:47:31 PM): WHOS A POLAR BEAR
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:48:05 PM): wth is ur problem??
WoodPusherPL (11:48:32 PM): im a penguin who never got laid then got eaten by a fuckin polar bear thats what
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:49:12 PM): lol uhm ur strange
WoodPusherPL (11:49:25 PM): no im alaskan
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:49:32 PM): yea i know that
WoodPusherPL (11:49:39 PM): sure you do
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:49:44 PM): lol
WoodPusherPL (11:49:49 PM): with your polar bear family
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:49:55 PM): wut??
WoodPusherPL (11:50:02 PM): thats right
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:50:08 PM): uhm ok WoodPusherPL (11:50:17 PM): Do A Barrel Roll
WoodPusherPL (11:51:02 PM): well i really have to go seal hunting now
WoodPusherPL (11:51:12 PM): before my dad decides its goofy time
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:51:30 PM): alrite if u live in alaska then wut time is it??
WoodPusherPL (11:51:40 PM): hold up lemme find a clock
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:52:06 PM): ok ur lying u dno't live in alaska cuz u have a clock on ur computer
WoodPusherPL (11:52:03 PM): almost 9
WoodPusherPL (11:52:13 PM): ...
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:52:19 PM): ok
WoodPusherPL (11:52:18 PM): i dont have a clock in my room
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:52:28 PM): uhm
WoodPusherPL (11:52:35 PM): oh shit I TOLD YOU I HAVE TO GO
WoodPusherPL (11:52:47 PM): NOW ITS GOOFY TIME
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:53:03 PM): alritey yea the seals r getting away!!!
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (8:53:05 PM): wtu???

WoodPusherPL (11:53:41 PM): SHIT SHIT SHIT
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:53:49 PM): wut??
WoodPusherPL (11:53:48 PM): i FUCKING HATE GOOFY
WoodPusherPL (11:53:50 PM): NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
XxLiPsAnGeLxX (11:53:58 PM): wut is goofy time
WoodPusherPL signed off at 8:54:00 PM.
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#246 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Aug 07, 2007

nukleocide: they want me to design them a site
rjenkins39: LOL!
rjenkins39: go fuck tha beetle juice chick
nukleocide: uhh what
rjenkins39: that looks like
rjenkins39: she was found on the street corner
nukleocide: no, I mean why did you lol me
rjenkins39: IN TEH GSKY
rjenkins39: COCK OR GTFO
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#242 [Text] by Anonymous
Added on Jun 25, 2007

andy: i couldn't get gentoo to work
andy: i double clicked the iso or whatever
andy: but it just gave me like
andy: some stupid choose program window
andy: and linux wasnt one of the options
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#241 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Jun 24, 2007

rjenkins39: I am no epic failer
nukleocide: failure?
rjenkins39: wat
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#240 [Text] by Anonymous
Added on Jun 11, 2007

rjenkins39 (2:29:26 AM): why do you enjoy playing virtual porn games?
rjenkins39 (2:29:33 AM): How do you find excitement out of it
nukleocide (2:30:01 AM): well it's either naked chicks that I can tell what to do on a computer or naked chicks doing w/e in jpeg's on a computer
nukleocide (2:30:07 AM): or amanda who isn't here right now
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#239 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Jun 05, 2007

nukleocide: propably
nukleocide: probably
tmeash: how did that b flip itself?
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#235 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Jun 03, 2007

nukleocide: my girlfriend left her watch here the other day and it keeps beeping
nukleocide: if I throw it out the window do you think she'll forgot that she left it here?
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#231 [Text] by Anonymous
Added on May 31, 2007

Red Dead Romance (12:34:45 AM): I talked to him about a Tetris tournament.
noraarezsne (12:34:58 AM): that'd be fun
Red Dead Romance (12:35:01 AM): AKA Aaron Enszer getting his ass beat dowwwnn
noraarezsne (12:35:11 AM): oooooo
noraarezsne (12:35:14 AM): fightin words
Red Dead Romance (12:35:15 AM): 147 lines, biatch
Red Dead Romance (12:35:18 AM): Haha
noraarezsne (12:35:30 AM): what? thats it?
noraarezsne (12:35:38 AM): you know it maxs out at 999 right
noraarezsne (12:35:43 AM): and i just go by score from there
Red Dead Romance (12:35:44 AM): Haha.
noraarezsne (12:36:03 AM): i spend abnpout 11 hours of play on my eendless marathon
noraarezsne (12:36:21 AM): im not shitting you, i'll show you my high score some time lol
Red Dead Romance (12:36:35 AM): Tell you what man, if that doesn't get you laid, nothing will.
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#230 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on May 26, 2007

nukleocide: the quote of you getting banned is also on OA
rjenkins39: <a href="http://www.obsceneart.net/quotes/221">http://www.obsceneart.net/quotes/221</a>
nukleocide: <a href="http://www.obsceneart.net/quotes/221">http://www.obsceneart.net/quotes/221</a>
nukleocide: heh
rjenkins39: beat you
nukleocide: I know
nukleocide: doppler effect
nukleocide: cuz your east and I'm west
rjenkins39: never eat soggy waffles
rjenkins39: west is that way
rjenkins39: I can never remember which way it is ;c
nukleocide: west is left
rjenkins39: yes thats why I said
rjenkins39: never eat soggy waffles
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#229 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on May 26, 2007

rjenkins39: SQL Error : 1146 Table 'rjenkins39_caring' doesn't exist
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#228 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on May 26, 2007

rjenkins39: can u werk wit dat
rjenkins39: <a href="http://www.bossip.com/uploaded_images/vida5-734504.JPG">http://www.bossip.com/uploaded_images/vida5-734504.JPG</a>
nukleocide: brb
nukleocide: now what about the hot semi naked chick?
rjenkins39: can u werk wit dat
nukleocide: photoshop?
rjenkins39: ..
rjenkins39: I mean
rjenkins39: can u werk
rjenkins39: with her ridin ur dick
nukleocide: no
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#226 [Text] by Anonymous
Added on May 26, 2007

1:08:48 PM:I was at my friends house and his mom is Super Catholic. She was watching some cooking show and they were making Sushi. She said "If god has meant for us to eat raw meat he wouldn't have gave us fire."
1:09:29 PM: and I instantly responded with "same goes for being warm. So I guess we sholdn't be wearing clothes then.
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#224 [Text] by =tmeash
Added on May 20, 2007

nukleocide: heh
nukleocide: I can go both ways
nukleocide: fuck
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#223 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on May 17, 2007

nukleocide: tell me a story
tmeash: well
tmeash: I just pwned ass in PvP
tmeash: and now I have to go to bed
tmeash: so
tmeash: there was my story :(
nukleocide: wow
nukleocide: you'll be a great mother one day
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#221 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on May 02, 2007

rjenkins39: I want my account unbanned fuck
nukleocide: aww
rjenkins39: but the reason why I got banned
rjenkins39: was I thnk
rjenkins39: cause
rjenkins39: of my story
rjenkins39: I submitted
rjenkins39: saying
rjenkins39: and it got 217 diggs :-X
nukleocide: you know what that just might have been what did it
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#216 [Text] by Anonymous
Added on Apr 26, 2007

my nipples are chaffed
from running
with a wet shirt
i sprayed colonge on
Did you just say duck?
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#182 [Text] by =tmeash
Added on Apr 18, 2007

tmeash: a <a href="http://www.okcupid.com/profile?tuid=7440281669758378655#">creepy 36yr old guy</a> messaged me on OkCupid
tmeash: I mean, the fucker LOOKS like a pedophile
tmeash: <a href="http://is0.okcupid.com/users/744/28/7440281669758378655/p1156853073.jpg">http://is0.okcupid.com/users/744/28/7440281669758378655/p1156853073.jpg</a>
tmeash: "HEY! My name is Greg, and I know you're thinking I'm not all that great looking, it's cool, but keep in mind, there are FAR WORST looking guys than me.... Don't Believe me? check out the page of: www mailorderhusbands net"
tmeash: *hides in the corner*
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#178 [Text] by =tmeash
Added on Apr 15, 2007

nukleocide: if I had to lose my arms or my legs I'd lose my legs
nukleocide: if I had to lose my arms or my penis...
nukleocide: hmm
tmeash: dude
tmeash: that's a choice?
nukleocide: idk
nukleocide: I'm thinking
nukleocide: I'd have to analyze my sexual gratification with my programmatic gratification
tmeash: wow
tmeash: I can tell you've never had sex before
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#172 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Apr 11, 2007

nukleocide: :D
tmeash: happy to see me?
nukleocide: wrong window
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