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#438 [Text] by ~nucleo
Added on Aug 31, 2009

Christina : Hey... so l know this is a little weird but... can l ask you a computer question??
Thomas Hunter II: sure... but I"m not a computer geek per se
Christina : My sister lives in Lansing and said she has this 'friend' that has what l think are stolen computers that have satellite internet on them
Christina : l guess they are 1500 computers that he is selling for 400
Christina : l told her they may be able to be tracked since they are hooked up to satellites... per some sort of gps thing or something?? what do you think
Christina : or do you know anything about this kinda stuff?
Christina : she just told me about it the other night and you were the first 'computer
Christina : guy l have 'run
Christina : into??
Thomas Hunter II: I don't think your friend will be caught stealing computers because of satellite internet
Thomas Hunter II: unless he stole them from nasa
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